What Is the Difference Between Grass-Fed and Grain-Fed Beef?

The quality and the amount of nutrients in the beef of animals like cow mostly depends upon their fed. Nowadays cows eat grains and most beef is produced through grain-fed. But In many countries like Australia, almost 98% of beef is obtained from grass-fed cattle on the other hand in the USA and Canada cows are fed on the basis of both grass and grain. So today in this specific blog post we are going to discuss the difference between grass-fed and grain-fed beef with their benefits.

What Is Grass-Fed Beef?

A cow that eats grass every time and grows its health just on the basis of grass is known as a grass-fed cow. If cow food is just grass then its beef can go to the market after two years. The cattle which are fed by grass produce less amount of beef as compared to others. A grass-fed animal fed through the grasses of pasture, drink their mother’s milk, and spend their entire life in wide grass ranges.

What Is Grain-Fed Beef?

A grain-fed cow raises up while eating grains. But every cattle in the first six months of his age eat grass and drink milk. A grain-fed cattle grow up in different cattle farms and they eat grains. some major grains for cattle’s are corn and wheat. But it is necessary to feed a cow with grains for almost six months to say it as a grain-fed cow. Grain also has its benefits but the cattle which fed on grains produce a big amount of beef as compared to those cattle which eat grass.


Beef is really a healthy thing to eat and it contains a lot of powerful nutrients and proteins to make you healthy and strong. It is said that meat contains almost every nutrient which is required to live life so it’s a very awesome thing for health. Here we have the benefits of grain-fed beef and grass-fed beef which are described below.

NameOmega-3Oleic acidTotal fats
Grass-fed beef0.055 grams6.3 grams9.3 grams
Grain-fed beef0.020 grams8.3 grams8.2 grams

Benefits of Grass Fed Beef

  • The grass-fed beef consists of vitamins A and B which are very good for different skin and eyes diseases.
  • It is a very good thing to stay healthy and it also reduces the risk of heat issues.
  • Grass-fed beef contains a huge amount of CAN (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). This acid is very good against heart and cancer disease.
  • It is very good to reduce the body fats and it maintain the body mass.
  • Grass feed beef contains almost three hundred times more extra Omega-3(One of the best fats which are found in a fish) It saves you from many diseases and it also fix the problems of blood flow.
  • If you want to lose your body weight than grass-fed beef is a perfect choice because it contains less amount of fats and calories and it’s a very good sign if you want to lose your weight.

But on the other side, grass-fed beef is not cheap as compared to grain-fed beef. There are many reasons behind that, first of all, grass-fed cattle need more care as compared to grain-fed beef. And scientist proves that grass-fed beef can have negative effects on the environment. In Canada a few years ago scientists said that grass feed can make an effect on greenhouse gases and it can be dangerous.

Benefits of Grain Fed Beef

  • Grain-fed beef has very good and rich in taste.
  • It consists of an extra amount of fats and marbling as compares to grass-fed beef.
  • It is cheap in price and easily available.
  • That prevents humans from many diseases which may involve infections caused by bacteria or viruses.
  • Grain-fed beef has a more buttery flavor.
  • It has a higher protein level and much more Lenear


In short, we can say that grass-fed beef is a better choice than grain-fed beef but if you want a good taste then grain-fed beef is perfect. If you want to gain better health and want to fulfill all the body requirements then for sure grass-fed beef is highly recommended.

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