How to grow jasmine from cuttings and seeds indoors?

Jasmine is a beautiful flowering plant and also know as mogra in India. we can grow jasmine easily from cuttings in small pots or containers. It belongs to the Oleaceae family, and this flowering plant will increase the beauty of your garden. The small white flower of jasmine looks very beautiful, and they don’t need … Read more

How to plant & grow lettuce from seeds at home?

Lettuce is a leafy plant, and mostly its leaves are used in salad, sandwiches and burgers. Lettuce can grow up easily from seeds in small pots or containers at home. It contains a lot of nutrients and many other valuable things. Market lettuce is not fresh, but it has good taste, and homegrown lettuce will … Read more

How to grow coriander from seeds at home?

It’s not hard to grow coriander, but you can easily grow coriander in small pots as well as in water also. Coriander is mainly used in different dishes, and it’s also perfect for the digestive system. Fresh coriander has a better taste and more nutrients, but it’s tough to find fresh coriander. You can easily … Read more