How to grow coriander from seeds at home?

It’s not hard to grow coriander, but you can easily grow coriander in small pots as well as in water also. Coriander is mainly used in different dishes, and it’s also perfect for the digestive system. Fresh coriander has a better taste and more nutrients, but it’s tough to find fresh coriander. You can easily grow coriander in small pots and put them in good sunlight for better, and it’s almost free. Coriander has many other benefits, and one of them is the reproduction of leaves after cutting.

Planting Process

Seeds selection

Like spinach, Just fresh seeds are recommended for better germination of coriander because old seeds may get any disease, and it’s hard to grow them. You can get new coriander seeds from the market and can also protect your old coriander plant’s seeds which are not older than one year. Coriander also has different hybrid varieties, but you can easily grow any variety if you do proper care. Coriander can be easily grown in medium climates like 20-35 degrees, and they can also survive in less temperature but in less temperature than 20 germination rate will below.

Before seedling, rubs coriander seeds in hand or with the help of stone, divide the seeds in two-part for better germination. Make sure that seeds are not divided into more than two, and there is no need to split some remaining seeds into parts.

How to grow coriander in pots?

(i) soil selection and pot preparations

Coriander can easily grow in any soil, but loamy soil with some organic compost can be better. Just select a deep pot of length about 5-7cm, and width depends on you. Make a soil mixture with 30-35% organic compost (cow dunk compost or leaf compost) and add 65-70% local garden soil.

(ii) Sowing and caring

Collect fresh seeds and put them in water for almost 6-10 hours or more. After few hours, it will change the colour of the water and it’s ready to grow. This water can also be used for drinking purposes because it’s healthy for the human body and it does not have any side effect. No sprinkles all these seeds gently in your pot and after that put a soft layer of the same soil mixture on it. Water it well with the help of a shower and make sure that seeds do not displace during this stage.

Coriander seeds will start germination in almost five days, and coriander needs nearly 5-7 hours of bright sunlight every day for better growth.

Small coriander growing plants

How to grow coriander in water?

Select a small or medium-size bowl and fill it with water. Select a small plastic bag that has small holes over it. Put this small plastic bag over the water and put a paper on the plastic bag. Now put the seeds over it and make sure that all seeds are in contact with water.


Direct and bright sunlight is not good to grow coriander in water. Make sure to change your water after every seven days and always add fresh water to the bowl. Coriander can also grow up again and again in water if you will do the harvesting gently. During the germination process, always make the seeds moist for a high germination ratio, and water should touch the plastic bag or anything else you are using.

Fertilizers for coriander

Organic compost is best for coriander and it can be used after every twenty days and make sure to add water after adding fertilizers. In water, just liquid fertilizers are recommended and use a limited amount of liquid fertilizers according to the water. You can also spray liquid fertilizers on water and pot coriander plants.

How to harvest coriander safely from water and pots?

Coriander will be ready to harvest in almost 40-45 days and after harvesting, it will regrow and will be ready again in almost 15 days. Harvesting can be done with the help of a knife and harvest coriander safely, without disturbing the base of the plant. After cutting the top of plants, add organic compost and water it well.

Can we grow coriander whole year?

Yes, coriander can survive and can be grown in the whole year just by maintaining a good moisture level in the medium.

Can coriander grow seeds?

Yes, with time, when you harvest the leaves from the coriander plant. It allows the plant to grow more and to produce more leaves. But if you will not harvest coriander at a proper time it will start making seeds and then you can easily break them from the plants. After that put the seeds at any dry place for almost 2 days and then you can use them next time.

Can we harvest coriander if it goes to seeds?

Yes, it’s simple and easy, you need to cut off the upper part of your plant where seeds are grown and in this way, these big coriander plants will start producing useable coriander at the bottom.

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