How to grow spinach in pots or containers at home?

Spinach is one of the best fruit according to the number of nutrients. You can easily grow spinach in pots or containers at home. Organically produced spinach is more beneficial for health, and mostly spinach is produced with organic materials at home. Spinach is a leafy vegetable that is mostly used in salad and many … Read more

How to grow dragon fruit plant from seed and cuttings in pots?

Dragon fruit

The dragon fruit plant belongs to the cactus family. It can be germinated with the help of seeds and cuttings easily in pots. Vietnam and Thailand are the most prominent countries in dragon fruit farming, but you can easily grow dragon fruit plants at your house in pots. It’s a tropical food and famous because … Read more

Organic Compost: How To Make And Use Organic Composts?

Organic compost is the usable form of many waste products and plants, and it’s used as a fertilizer. Every day we waste our different vegetable leaves and many other different things. All these things cannot be used as fertilizer. So first, we convert all these things into a usable form as a fertilizer in our … Read more