Aerial Applications (A Prospective Future Of Agriculture Industry)

Aerial application, which is traditionally called crop dusting, involves the spraying of agriculture inputs in fields by using modern agriculture vehicles or aircraft. These inputs may be in the form of pesticides for plant protection measures. It may also involve the spraying of nutrients which is called an aerial top dressing. Surprisingly, it may include … Read more

The ultimate orange farming guide Planting, care, Harvesting

Orange is one of the best citrus fruit and also a cash crop. Organic farming is highly profitable, and many people grow orange in different countries. Most orange is grown in Brazil, China, and India, and now many other countries like the united states, Australia, Canada, and Israel are growing orange gardens in a big … Read more

Sunflower farming guide. Requirements, irrigation and profit per acre.

sunflower farming guide

Sunflower is a big source of oil, and it’s the fourth-biggest crop that produces edible oil. Sunflower farming is common in Ukraine, Russia and European countries. Ukraine and Russia are two major countries in the production of sunflowers and grow more than 50% of sunflowers. Sunflower oil is prevalent, and it is used widely in … Read more

The ultimate sugarcane farming guide

Sugarcane is a major cash crop worldwide, and sugarcane farming is common in Asian countries like India, Pakistan and China, but Brazil is the biggest country in sugarcane production. These are few big countries in the production of sugarcane. Sugarcane is used to produce sugar, but in Pakistan and India, mostly 60% of sugarcane are … Read more