Complete Aloe Vera Growing And Caring Guide

Aloe vera is a succulent plant and mostly farmers can get too much benefits from it and many people and farmers grow aloe vera at big ratio. Aloe vera is mostly used for skin care and it’s very helpful to protect your skin from damages and many other factors. Lines and wrinkles can be easily controlled with the help of aloe vera and your skin will be clean and clear. Aloe vera has bundles of benefits and uses, that’s why its demand is too much.

Aloe vera is grown in almost every region of the world and it’s not hard to grow aloe vera. It’s easy to grow in our home gardens and its farming can be done at a little more places but you can easily grow bundles of aloe vera plants in a little area. Most people complain that aloe vera plants are not growing well and they don’t know how to do their proper care. So this specific post is a complete guide on aloe vera planting and caring guide about each and every different aspect.

Aloe Vera Planting Process

In house or at a small area to plant bundles of aloe vera containers are used to grow aloe vera. Containers are easy to take care and bundles of containers can be used in a small area. Furthermore, aloe vera can be grown on ground and it’s also easy, if you can provide proper care.

Planting Or Initial Growing Method

Alovera can be easily grown from a big aloe vera plant. At first you must have a big aloe vera plant or you can get it’s babies from the market. Aloevera babies are easily available and you can plant them in your pot which will start growing and will produce a lot more new babies which will make your farm more bigger.

Pot Selection

A medium size pot is best to grow a small babie of aloevera and make sure that it must have a drange hole at it’s bottom. With time you can transplant small aloevera plant to a big pot for easy growth and leaves production.

Soil Mixture

Aloe vera can be grown in normal soil like as we grow rose cutting but they will not be a lot healthy. So cactus soil mixture can be used for better growth of aloe vera which is easily available in the market.

How To Plant Aloe Vera Pops?

Collect aloe vera pops from a big plant and easily plant them in recommended pot with best soil mixture. Just grow one plant in a single pot so it will remain for long time and they will not require reporting soon.

At initial stages, after transplanting aloe vera pop from mother plant in any pot they don’t requires water after this process.

Can We Grow Aloe Vera In Water?

Yes aloe vera can grow in water but it’s a little difficult. Small bottle or jars can be used to grow aloe vera in water but you must need to change the water after every three or two days because it will remain for years and mosquito will lay eggs in the water which will bring many diseases. But aloe vera can not attain a good size in water so it’s not recommended if you have best soil t grow aloe vera.

Aloe Vera Care

Most of the time many people don’t provide proper care to aloe vera plant and their plant died with in few days. You should need to provide proper care to aloe vera plant for better growth and more production of babies plant.


Aloe vera plans love sunlight and most of the time aloe vera plant died in winters season because they don’t get proper sunlight. In indoor planting you can put the pot near the window where it can get maximum sunlight for whole day. Out door planting should be done in a special and open place where they can get bright sunlight.


Suitable temprature for aloe vera plant is between 12 degree celcius to 30 degree celicus. If the temprature is too much hot or cool you can bring the aloe vera plant in any room for it’s protection.


Almost 60% deaths of aloe vera plant are just because of water condition and in this situation soil mixture also plays an important role. That’s why a local or normal soil mixture is not recommended because they may be having abilities to maintaine moisture in it. Aloe vera plant hate moisture and a little watering should be done after three days.

(i) Due to of low water aloe vera leaves will become thin and they will be having less amount of jell in them.

(ii) In case of high water aloe vera leaves will start ovelapping or there leaves will start exposing and it can make your plant died in few days.


Aloe vera plant don’t need any fertilizers but at few stages when your plant get died or may be having some poor growth they need some fertilizers. At normal growth season or during flowerig season they don’t need fertilizers.

Harvesting Aloe Vera

Complete aloe vera plant can be harvested from it’s base because it will again grow up. But if your need is not too much then you can easily harvest it’s leaves from base with the help of a knife. A big leave is recommended to harvest from your aloe vera plant.

A little or half part of a leaf can be harvested from plant, and remaning part of harvested leave will remain healthy and can be used any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Grow Aloe Vera Pops With Out Roots?

Yes if aloe vera pop is not having it’s base then you can still grow them in small pots. Select a small pot and fill it with the soil mixture but to balance it easily in the pot you can put some stones at it’s base which will provide suppot to aloe vera pops.

Does Aloe Vera Plant Produce Flowers?

Yes, aloe vera plant produce long and beautifull flowers between march to may and mostly common used or grown varities produce yellow and red flowers which looks very beautifull.

In Which Season Aloe Vera Start Propagation?

During summers season aloe vera plant produce a lot of babies which can be grown in small pots after some time. In the start of summers you can use NPK fertilizers for aloe vera to produce healthy and more babies. It may continue propagation for whole year but best time is during the growing seasons.

What Is The Best Time To Grow Aloe Vera Babies?

Aloe vera plant can be grown easily in summer or spring seasons because these are growing seasons and aloe vera plant will get strength fastly.

How Big An Aloe Vera Plant Can?

Average aloe vera size is about 24-28 inches but it can grow upto 40 inches easily. Aloe vera plant will fully grown after 3-4 years and in initial few years they will not attain big size.

Best Time To Re-pot Aloe Vera Plant?

Aloe vera reporting don’t required a fixed time for transplanting but repoting can be done when your plant attain big size which can’t be handle by your small pot, so you can do it’s repoting.

How Much Time An Aloe Vera Plant Can Survive?

Life spam of aloe vera plant is about 12 years and it also depends on your care and It’s weight is about 2 kg after 3-4 years.

Can We Grow Aloe Vera From Leafs?

Yes, it’s possible to grow aloe vera from it’s leafs but it’s germination rate will be low and it will take too long. If you want to grow aloe vera from leafs make sure to put a complete leaf in the pot without dividing it into many small parts.

What If Aloe Vera Plant Is Getting Weak Or Not Growing Well?

Due to of many reasons may be aloe vera plant change it’s color or get weaker. First of all make sure to give proper care and then add NPK mixture with water about one or two glass and then your plant will become healthy in 30 days.

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